My Blog


Welcome to the Restoration Comedy blog! Here you will find abundantly illustrated how-tos, inspiring stories and encouraging words for anybody struggling with the details of gardening, homesteading, design and DIY.

My mission in this blog is to give courage, inspiration and clarity to those who feel disqualified from trying new things because they think they’re too clumsy or amateurish to get a good result. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place! There are lots of experts out there; that’s not me. I am right there in the process with you, and what I offer is clear, entertaining and – I hope – inspiring words, instructables and pictures.

I will always be truthful and transparent about what I do – so you’ll get the photos of what went wrong as well as the pretty pictures of the glowing finished object. All opinions are my own, and I will always say if I have been paid or otherwise rewarded for reviewing a product.

I am a professional baker, smallholder (homesteader), author, artist and editor. I know the classic advice to authors is “Write about what you know.” I wanted to blog about what I don’t know! Life is full of discoveries, surprises, adventures – things to learn, people to meet, skills to master, happy accidents. I’ve always loved the way the best blogs draw you into their story and inspire you to look at the world in new ways; that’s what I want to do here.